For someone who’s known for an all-black wardrobe, this HypeBeast Essentials piece is pretty darn colorful. Keiko Takayama is a materials developer for Onitsuka Tiger. I’ll skip the background on the label, because quite frankly, you should know it. Originally from Tokyo, Keiko went to high school in the States before heading back to her hometown to study art history. After some time with ASICS Japan, she transitioned over to the lifestyle team at Onitsuka Tiger in the Netherlands. Suffice to say she travels quite a bit in her job and to return home.

While on the road, she’s always accompanied by her tools, which include various USBs (in the form of sneaker keychains of course) full of crucial product data, material and color guides (like the 3M one or Fashion Home featured above) and fabric swatches (Like the Furoshiki top left) for inspiration. I said all black, so the mint edges on her jet black OT Harandias aren’t completely out of whack. The Vintage Corsairs are definitely bright, but it’s a matter of brand pride and heritage I believe. I mentioned she traveled quite a bit, so she keeps plenty of lip balm in tow. Handkerchiefs, scarfs, and face masks and also staples. Hello Kitty bags, turtle card case as well as vintage tupperware (which she collects) and apples round out an ecclectic collection.

Essentials: Keiko Takayama of Onitsuka Tiger | Hypebeast.