I don’t hate on Samsung. I’ve owned many of their products in my time and have generally favorable things to say. That being said, I get a lot of flack about my HTC phones (like my new baby, the HTC One M8) and the fact that they’re uni-body and impossible to repair. In point of fact I’ve never tried, nor have I had a reason to repair an HTC phone. They’re made well and they can take a beating unlike some OTHER manufacturers who use lesser materials. Fixing them has usually been pretty simple. The back door pops off, you unscrew a few things and gingerly yank stuff out. The latest and greatest Galaxy, the S5, is not a phone I’m opting for. I’m enamored with HTC. But watching this teardown made me glad I stuck it out. It’s getting harder–not easier–to fix them now…

While Samsung’s latest flagship gets some kudos for its removable battery and microSD slot, it’s considerably tougher to take apart than its GS4 predecessor. You now have to remove the display if you want to replace ANY of the internals, and the removal process is especially tricky; part replacements are only easy once you’re past this daunting hurdle. Have a look:

iFixits GS5 teardown