In an interesting update to the story, white house counsel has apparently opened a discussion with Samsung about the matter. Seems like they WERE pretty pissed off.

Originally posted 4/3/14

Deal with it Barry!

The Red Sox’s David Ortiz took a Selfie with President Obama the other day. It was a great example of how pervasive the social craze is. However, Samsung also has a deal with Ortiz that let it use the shot (taken with one of it’s devices) in an  ad — and the White House isn’t very happy. The administration told CBS that it didn’t realize the baseball star’s photo could be used as a marketing ploy.

Officials aren’t asking anyone to take pictures down after the fact, but they hint that they might not have approved the photo if they’d known about the possible financial incentives. For his part, Ortiz insists that it was a sincere, spur-of-the-moment shot — while Samsung pays him, he couldn’t exactly promise an Obama photo op. Intentional or not, since when is showing off a photo of yourself and the Leader Of The Free World a crime, not to mention making a few bucks off it. Is it illegal to sell autographed copies of books now too?

White House miffed after Samsung uses an Obama selfie as an ad.