Because THAT is what every Raspberry Pi owner/tweaker/modder complains about! The dang thing is too big! Ha! When the original device was launched, all people wanted was more power, more RAM, etc. Configuration and interoperability has led to yet another obvious change with the new edition coming out this summer – it’s gone from the size of an Altoids tin to that of a tiny DDR2 laptop memory stick!

What you’re looking at above (left) is the processor and 4GB of storage from the original module crammed into a package less than half the size. But Raspberry Pi didn’t do this for its own sake. As I mentioned above, the new layout lets circuit board builders attach whatever they want rather than making do with the built-in ports. Use the accompanying “Computer Module” featured in the video linked below and off you go. Before long you’ll be able to make anything connected with this type of architecture and will cost you about $30.

Raspberry Pi’s computer now fits in the space of a tiny memory stick.