Just over a year ago this month, I discovered and posted about Ressence timepieces. Little did I know that it was a project born two year prior. Continuing to refine the look and engineering around the industrial design of a handles, crownless watch is tricky to say the least. Hopefully with all of that effort and investment comes a return – $20,000 and up per piece will hopefully do the trick if demand is as high as I think it will be. Seeing the latest iteration a year later is definitely rewarding. The size and versatility of this model far exceeds the others. Not as large as the first or a chunky as the second, this one sits well, and fits into any situation perfectly. It’s sleek and classy as hell.

Ressence appeals to the modern types who appreciate sophistication, subtlety and design, but are not encumbered by stuffiness or the desire to wear THE brand. The way you tell time will have to change. Suffice to say there will be an adjustment period. Considering the individual dials move as opposed to hands, so you won’t have a fixed set of position to look at – the values will change over time. The piece will be available later this year in a few different finishes to match your taste. Enjoy!

Introducing The Ressence Type 1: Now Without Crown, A Modern Master Continues To Hone His Craft (Live Pictures, Specs, & Pricing) — HODINKEE – Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories.