AppleToolbox.com took aerial photos last month and again this week to the site of the future Apple compound. When I say “future” and “big” I mean it. A month ago a number of old buildings and structures were still standing on the site so it’s full steam ahead. Presented in 2011, the process will carry through to 2016 now that things are getting off the ground, so to speak. Last November the Cupertino City Council gave the projects its unanimous blessing so here we are.

You’ll recall the unconventional round and flat design and relatively open layout which earned the project it’s spaceship moniker. Other interesting notes including the amenities the compound will provide. Feel free to revisit some of my older posts or the links at 9to5mac including renders, project specs, etc.

Latest aerial shots of Apple Spaceship Campus site show area cleared for landing | 9to5Mac.