Amazon.com: NUboard A4 size NGA411FN08: Office Products

Do you take notes, but also love to get up and whiteboard through a scenario or problem. Perhaps you just like the theatricality of drawing diagrams for people and enlightening your peers, students, etc? Either way, the good folks at Nuboard have mashed up the best of both worlds – notebooks and whiteboards – to bring you Nuboard: an A4 sized whiteboard notebook that you never have to replace. Ready to move on? Scan your stuff, erase and get back on the horse! $47 gets you this little treat, but if you want something a little smaller, the pocket-sized version goes for $25 and has similar utility. I’d go with that version, but the choice is yours!

On a side-note, you’ll be ever-cooler than the moleskin crowd. (guilty as charged)

Amazon.com: NUboard A4 size NGA411FN08: Office Products.