Watch Rare Footage Of Living, Swimming Oarfish | Popular Science

Nothing to see here folks, just a fish and OMFG WTF is that!? That’d likely be my reaction if I was kayaking in shallow water off the Sea of Cortes in Mexico. There’s a reason people rarely see anything like this: giant sea creatures usually live deep (hundreds of feet) down far from our reach. In an odd trend since 2002, there have been a handful or sightings, images and video captured. I guess they don’t want to miss the party up on shore.

This, my friends, is the world’s longest bony fish. Most oarfish seen by humans are dead or dying on a beach. But this new video captured in March shows two 15-foot-long oarfish–aka Regalecus glesne–gliding about in shallow water near the shore. Oarfish sighting are rare, but use your imagination a little and its easy to see how the idea of sea serpents was born.

Watch Rare Footage Of Living, Swimming Oarfish | Popular Science.