The Body Dryer, aims to help you have a refreshing bacteria free drying experience. Their take is that towels demand maintenance, more than one and are ultimately not as sanitary and we’d like to think.  The team looked at the evolution of hand drying systems in bathrooms and saw a natural progression with body drying. If you’ve been in a public place, building or a gym lately I’m sure you’ve encountered the Dyson air-blade or the one of those Extreme blowers that can knock your socks off. Going the route of the former, the team came up with the Body Dryer.

Replacing bacteria filled and inefficient towels using a design that mirror (and actually functions like) a scale is a realistic approach if you ask me. The research and product development took some time but it’s ready for action.

I’m curious about how long it would actually take to dry off, but applications like getting my kids out of the bath/shower and into their clothing without a fuss is an enticing proposition. Early adopters on Indiegogo managed to grab an opportunity to get one for $125 but their still available for a pledge of $150. So what do you think?

The Body Dryer