BlackBerry offering T-Mobile customers 0 off BlackBerry purchases at ShopBlackBerry | CrackBerry.com

It seems like T-Mobile has a habit of putting it’s proverbial foot in its mouth. Most recently it decided to end corporate discounts. A day later they’ve changed their minds given the outcry of disgruntled corporate customers. Remember it’s go-around with Blackberry? As a refresher they seem to have decided that BBs were passe and offered trade-in discounts for other devices. Blackberry didn’t take to kindly to this and shortly thereafter the carrier made good with opportunities for Blackberry owners.

Cut to the present and it seems Blackberry has cut them loose altogether. And to drive home the point, they’re offering $100 off to T-Mobile Customers who buy devices from the ShopBlackberry website. Emails are being sent out today pretty much summing up the announcement as it was written in the press release, advising customers that BlackBerry is still working with others carriers and it also contains a coupon code for $100 off a BlackBerry smartphone at ShopBlackBerry. The offer is valid for the U.S. only and works on purchases of the BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Q10 as well as the BlackBerry Z10. It’s limited to one use per customer but each customer can purchase up to two phones at a time and it’s set to expire on May 31, 2014. Seems like John Chen has put his foot down, hard.

BlackBerry offering T-Mobile customers $100 off BlackBerry purchases at ShopBlackBerry | CrackBerry.com.