In case you hadn’t noticed, blacked-out watches aren’t the only thing that’s been trending lately – a focus on approachable, comfortable bands has been as well. In this particular example, the nylon band (like the re-release of the Omega Speedmaster) may be the only thing accessible about this $10,000 timepiece! Whether you spend a lot of time at sea or just like the marine/diver look, this specimen will grab your attention. If it’s above your pay grade (as it is mine), think of it as a reference for the kind of classic styling your apt to find in a few dozen other models. A Blancpain it won’t be, but you get the idea.

Dating back to the 50s and reinterpreted this past year, the watch features a brushed black ceramic case, a black dial, and a minimalist face with luminous markings instead of numerals. Inside it features a self-winding movement that vibrates 36,000 times an hour, but still sports water resistance down to 300 meters. Complete with date and flyback chronograph functions, it’s sure to get attention. When it’s off the wrist, you can admire the 18-carat gold oscillating weight in platinum allow with a sculpted Blancpain logo.

The Bathyscaphe welcomes a Flyback chronograph | Blancpain.