Sometimes I wish I could set a timer on a page for when a photo appears. Yes, it’s relatively easy to do but I’m lazy. In this case it would be perfect for a scenario where I ask you to imagine the epitome of the classic British GT with a modern flare. Wouldn’t the picture above be fitting? Of course it would.

“Speedback is the culmination of a lifelong dream and the realization that, in order to achieve classic status, one must draw from the past and then embrace the future.”

Built in the spirit of early British GTs (in particular the Jaguar XKR) — it sports an all aluminum handcrafted body over a modern chassis. Under the hood lurks a supercharged five-liter V8 engine producing a whopping 500 horsepower. Inside you’re treated to small touches that make it an ideal touring car — a spacious luggage area, a hidden picnic seat, and beautiful leather and wood detailing throughout. Handcrafted instrument packs, polished metal switchgear and ventclaws add luxury and a premium feel. The price is not readily available, but considering what you’ll get, don’t expect this to be light on the bank account.

Speedback GT – David Brown Automotive.