The Nokia 3310 was one heck of a phone. Launched in 2000, over 125 million units were purchased worldwide. Many a game of snake was played in an era long before the makers fall from grace and acquisition by Microsoft. It would seem someone at Nokia was feeling a bit Nostalgic because they’ve relaunched the 14-year old phone complete with an updated 41 megapixel PureView Camera (same as the Lumia 1020), a snappy dual-core processor and Windows Phone 8. Snake fans might be able to download a comparable game if you start to jones.

As it continues to struggle and compete against companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC it became increasingly evident that a power move was needed to put the Finnish company back on the map. Taking its most successful device, revamping it and powering it with the brilliant Windows Phone operating system is that power move.

Oh yes, one more thing: Happy April Fools Day!

Nokia 3310 Relaunching With Windows Phone 8, 41-Megapixel PureView Camera | Redmond Pie.