Do you have $2,500 of disposable income burning a hole in your pocket to go with your penchant for off-road all-weather biking? Well look no further. Rungu’s got your back with the Juggernaut – the first all fat-tire, bullfrog trike is here.

The long wheelbase design and three fat tires measuring 4.7″ each improve float on all terrains by 50%. With 26″ fat front wheels with over 29″ in diameter, nothing–and I repeat nothing–is going to get in your way. The Juggernaut has an aluminum frame with great weight distribution. Two front wheels means greater stability and almost double the breaking power. Mounting points for add-ons, hydraulic rear brake, low gearing, and should width front-wheel spacing might even justify the price tag. Yea right…

Juggernaut | rungu.