Well this is cute! As you might know, Microsoft has released the source code for MS-DOS and Microsoft Word to the Computer History Museum where the code will be shared with the public.

An obvious piece of history, it gives future generations a taste of what it was like to code software back in the day. Thanks to developer Leon Zandman, who viewed the source code, found tons of hidden jokes and Easter Eggs that the developers decided to put in. Whether it’s because the developers did not expect to have their source code made available to the public or the opposite, they’re seeing the light of day now.

In the example above, the developer left a poetry by Bill “Shake” Spear. Other fun stuff include fart jokes and the characterizations of Novell Network users as “dumb”. There are plenty of other Easter Eggs and comments left by the previous developers in the source code so hit up Leon Zandman’s Twitter if you’d like to see more of it.

Easter Eggs And Jokes Found Within MS-DOS And Word’s Source Code | Ubergizmo.