Three Guys B.A.S.E. Jumped 1 World Trade Center | Hypebeast

It’s amazing how empowering strapping a video camera to your helmet can make you. Case in point this brazen display of reckless daredevil behavior. As much of a neck-breaker the building is to look up at though at 1776 ft. tall, the view from the top isn’t too shabby. Throwing caution to the wind, James Brady, Andrew Rossig, and Marco Markovich B.A.S.E. jumped off of the building’s roof in September, filming the experience with a set of GoPros. The trio finally unveiled the video footage of its exploits, delivering a breathtaking account of the dive.

The video is pretty wild, but it would seems the authorities aren’t fans; the guys, along with their lookout, were all arrested on counts of reckless endangerment, burglary, and jumping from a structure.

Three Guys B.A.S.E. Jumped 1 World Trade Center | Hypebeast.