We’ve gotten all the specs, but the announcement of today’s HTC One (M8) reminds us that it’s much more than the sum of it’s parts. So let’s focus on the experience and what you’ll get rather than re-hashing the spec sheet. Also, cut to the end if you want the best news of all.

“Stunning design. Intelligent technology that makes your life easier. And, we’ve reinvented the camera technology, again.” — HTC AVP of Design. The newest HTC flagship has absolutely no hard edges. It has such a premium design that it’s creator prefer it be compared to a piece of fine jewelry rather than tech. It’s mostly metal body is buffed to an absolute mirror shine before a fine brush finish it put on it. The wrap-around design eliminated the poly-carbonate sidewalls achieving a level of rigidity and premium feel we’ve never seen before.

Software: The One is stocked with Sense 6.0 and a refreshed set of apps around it, including BlinkFeed which is now being opened to developers like Foursquare and FitBit (who’ll also be utilizing the always-on sensors to turn your phone into a tracker). Speaking of transforming your phone, the IR functionality is back again to be sure, but with even more Sense TV enhanced functionality as well.

Battery: All of these features take a toll on your phone. But they’ve squeezed 4o% more battery life out of the device and have an all new power-saver mode and extreme power-saver modes after release. Want to keep your phone going for weeks, if not months on standby? You’ll be able to.

Access and Intuition: Low power state sensors can use data around it and anticipate what you need depending on your gestures, even when the screen is off. Tap-to-wake is also built it. Hold the phone to your ear and it’ll answer a call. Intuitive, no? “Sixth-Sense” is what they’re calling it. Also, with the “d0t-view” case (spoiler alert: it’s nothing more than a case with holes in it and a custom screen saver with lockscreen-type info), you can tap and see information without getting to the phone at all.

Camera:  Ultrapixels are here to stay. More cameras, more camera software and more features allow you to take all sorts of photos, multi-mode video and edit them in post. The “year of the selfie” is enhanced by a 5MP wide angle front facing camera. And that second camera on the back? Depth and focus are now real and hardware based. A Bocage effect is now possible instantly with or without software. Your phone can recognize objects and can apply effects to specific areas because of depth! The camera API is ALSO being opened up to the world’s developers. In a new twist, Zoes are going to the cloud in the summer as well along with great dynamics with music and Boom Sound.

What about availability you ask? When and where? The single largest product roll out by HTC on over 230 carriers in 100+ countries. By the end of April it will be in the world’s hands completely. Existing HTC customers can expect Sense 6.0 OTAs. In the US and Canada across all carriers by 4/10/14. However, at 1pm ET you’ll be able to order it today and get it as soon tomorrow! Verizon will have it in stores TODAY.

HTC One (M8) Specs and Reviews | HTC United States.