Don’t let the futuristic styling make you think this bike’s going to feel all angular and awkward. The Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle is rocking  new seating configuration dubbed “cockpit position.” WTF? Well, an adjustable backrest is designed to give the rider more of a comfortable riding experience — while also easing the transition from car to bike. So if you’re not quite read to roll, lean or tuck just yet, you’ve got something.

Available in two models, either a black or a white variation, each one comes powered by a 745-cc two-cylinder engine with a dual-clutch transmission. That’s not exactly your starter-bike power either so be ready to move. Additional details including horsepower are limited, but Honda plans to put something like the concept into production in the near future. Price is of course TBD.

Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle | Uncrate.