The cafe racer – if you’re into bikes, this conjures up a pretty specific genre. If you’re European and you think about the gear that goes along with sports racing and the lifestyle, chances are Scuderia comes to mind. Maybe it does even if you aren’t.

As a third generation Italian watch-maker, Enrico Margariteli’s impressive career includes collaborations with Fossil as well as for Emporio Armani watch collections and his own brands of the past, Soviet watches and Key West.  Enrico comes from a family of passionate watch-makers. His biggest inspiration, his grandfather, Ariodante Margariteli Ariodante was a dedicated watch-maker in Parma, Italy where he created highly technical precision watch instruments for the Military during World War I and II.

Timing. From figuring out exactly how late you can brake, to getting your shifts down perfectly, to hitting all the right lines — everything contributes to shaving seconds off your lap time. The CT Scuderia Corsa Watch is made with exactly this in mind — with a design inspired by the clunky stop-watches typically worn around the neck by those helping you measure those precious seconds. It features a prominent start/stop button that protrudes from the watch case, making it simple to press even when you’re on the move. With interchangeable bands made from leather materials regularly found in performance cars, and a range of colored cases and buttons available, you can customize it just as much as you do your ride. Priced at $1,300 and up, so not exactly “accessible” to most, but not too bad if you want to save up a little.

Stainless Steel and Black Perforated Genuine Leather Strap.