Vanishing Planes Since 1948 - Bloomberg

Some 83 aircraft has been declared “missing” since 1948, according to data compiled by the ASN. Bloomberg Visual Data–in the context of the MH370 devastation–has been showing an ominous infographic shown above, plotting the last known positions of the aforementioned planes. Not a trace has been found of any of them. The major hot spots include the part of the world where MH370 went off grid. It’s no surprise of course that the Bermuda triangle and Central America both have high concentrations.

On a side note, a very reasonable theory of the potential story behind Malaysian Air flight MH370 is up on Business Insider. A fellow pilot explains what could easily have happened had there been a fire (electrical or otherwise) and how the pilots would have reacted. (Have a look HERE.)

Vanishing Planes Since 1948 – Bloomberg.