Surface Power Cover All But Sold Out | Ubergizmo

Having owned and demoed both the original Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 2, I can tell you definitely that there is no better Windows convertible device out there. It’s a solid piece of hardware. This is not to say that Microsoft has cracked the thing all together – it’s very much a work in progress with quite a few flaws. Intuitively, many stem from the same cause – power. The Surface lines are high-powered laptops crammed into a tablet frame. That power causes two of it’s biggest issues. First, the thing is a brick. Second, it’s power hungry and gets poor battery life. Mind you the second is almost twice as good as the first when it comes to sipping on the old battery juice. But tell me this: if it was so much better, would the yet to be released Power Cover keyboard sell out almost immediately?

The Surface Power Cover is compatible with the Surface 2, Surface Pro and Pro 2 tablets, and it supposedly boosts the battery life of the mentioned devices by up to 70%, apart from functioning as a cover and back-lit keyboard. Folks that got in their pre-orders under the wire can expect it to ship in only a few days of official launch. For everyone else, here’s to the wait (or to Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon or wherever you scavenger for such things.)

Surface Power Cover All But Sold Out | Ubergizmo.