Microsoft unveils Office Lens scanner and OCR app for Windows Phone | MobileSyrup.com

Actually, I’m very happy to see Microsoft starting to put put some thought into what individuals and businesses using Windows Phone might actually need in terms of software. I know the paradigm to the single device, single OS is ongoing, but where the heck are the apps. If you cannot get third parties on board, you’ll simply have to develop them yourself!

Yesterday Microsoft announced  an LTE Surface 2 for AT&T (as I expected and discussed a while back) as well as a free version of OneNote for OS X ( I covered that too, here.) I guess I missed the very last piece which is not nearly as thrilling, but practical as hell. Along with these products, Microsoft has unveiled Office Lens for Windows Phone, a scanning and OCR app that ties into the new OneNote functionality to easily capture and parse text from the real world.

The app mimics functionality already available in Evernote and many other productivity apps by allowing users to capture business cards, menus, whiteboards and more. The optical character recognition then “trims, enhances and makes pictures readable” regardless of angle, lighting or distortion (within reason, of course). With a few modes to choose from and automatic syncing to your Office365 account, it should make things pretty neat and clean. Sounds like a good app. I don’t actually have a Windows Phone device at the moment so I can’t attest to any of it uses or functionality, I’m afraid.

Microsoft unveils Office Lens scanner and OCR app for Windows Phone | MobileSyrup.com.