It’s almost uncanny that I featured a spray can light attachment earlier and now I find myself covering a HypeBeast Essentials piece chock full of graffiti. Talk about pop, Far Rockaway, East New York, Bushwick, and the South Bronx, are all represented as influences of  INDIE184’s upbringing. She was exposed to graffiti from an early age, taking notes of the damage seen on train rides and walks through the neighborhood. With CASINO142 offering guidance on street bombing and COPE2 helping to improve her outline work, INDIE honed her skills, taking influences from New York legends such as SEEN, DONDI and JonOne in the use of bright colors and classic hand styles. I vividly recall every one of these artists along some of my routes to and from the various places I would visit as a kid using the train to get there.

Today, INDIE continues to push the envelope for female graffiti writers, making an impact worldwide via gallery showings in addition to streetwear designs for her label Kweenz Destroy. HB caught up with INDIE at this year’s POW! WOW! where she shared her travel Essentials. Pertaining to her love for bright hues, a cosmetics pouch which she designed for MAC is present, alongside a number of unique stickers and name cards that show off INDIE’s mixed-media approach. A Louis Vuitton wallet, Air Max Command Women’s, an iPhone 5C, Marc Jacobs kit, Montana spray cans in bright colors (of course), fruity Trident gum and her beloved Canon G15 are all in tow. Enjoy for a bit and then rest your eyes!

Essentials: INDIE184 | Hypebeast.