If you’ve ever stopped off at a Fitness Outlet, Gym, Pharmacy, Smoothie Bar or Supplement shop, you’ll notice those tasty shakes are awfully expensive. Whether they’re pre-made or fresh, RTDs (ready to drink) mixtures always come at a premium because of the convenience. Who the heck wants to mix their own? The truth is, protein powder and other concoctions taste just as good, are just as healthy and are easy to make. Sometimes a shaker cup is all you need. If you must get a blender, be sure it’s easy to use and powerful enough. Want it to be portable and still powerful? Chances are you’re going to pay through the nose, again. Now, if you could grab one for pennies on the dollar though, that might make it worth your while.

Enter the TS FIT Power 20 oz Mixer. An 11,500 RPM motor mixes through just about anything. You don’t need utensils or any movement (as per the shaker bottle I previously mentioned) and the entire thing is made to mix and carry with you. Everything cleans right up and you don’t need to plug it in (it runs on AAA batteries). What’s the catch? Well, it’s $50 bucks.

Now then, based on everything you just heard, you should be eager to click the link below at woot.com and pick one up for a measly $6.99, no? That’s what I thought. Enjoy!

TS FIT Power Mixer.