Satya Nadella, was chosen by the board to be the new CEO of Microsoft largely because of his cloud services legacy. Carrying the company forward into the cloud-based era seems to have been and is the strategy. Microsoft has now released a new, free OneNote app for Mac, a further free OneNote utility for its own Windows OS, and notably, a cloud-based API facilitating the integration of both first and third-party apps with with OneNote. Good for them!

If you’re Microsoft, you’ve just made a smart move when you consider the positions that Google Keep and Evernote hold. Mind you, OneNote has been on iOS for a couple of years, but unless it’s everywhere, you could hardly call a cloud-based note taking app ONENote! The roll-out of these two apps also coinciding with the release of OneNote’s new cloud API, which brings a myriad of useful, predominantly scanning-related tools to the fold. Microsoft is making an authoritative statement, although time will tell whether OneNote has the pedigree to mount a substantial challenge against the market leaders.

Question for the peanut gallery? Do you actually use OneNote? It’s set as default for a number of things in Windows, but can it topple Evernote or the plethora available to the mobile community?

Microsoft OneNote For Mac Launched For Free, Windows Version Goes Freemium [Download Link] | Redmond Pie.