Chromecast release date for UK, France and Germany revealed | BGR

It is inevitable. One way or another, homes across the country will all have a Google Chromecast plugged into one or more televisions (and displays). It would seem making “smarter” devices–ac concept I have long bemoaned and pointless–will not be the next paradigm. As much as every OEM out there would like to bake all this fantastic tech into every device imaginable, the truth is that ANY device can benefit from smaller, more productive and efficient devices doing the work. Bringing the “smart” to the devices seems like the way to go. I expect these dongles will get better and better, allowing an entire universe of possibilities to open up in every space and market. But for now, let’s talk about Chromecast. The device is small and cheap and it works well. That being said, it will move fast.

Google is now starting its international Chromecast launch, according to Gigaom, with the U.K., France and Germany apparently being the first markets to get the popular dongle. A Currys employee tweeted a picture of a stack of Chromecast boxes last week, and a leaked screenshot from Dixons revealed the device should be launched on March 19 in the U.K. Other countries will see their launches between the 19th and 25th. Google will likely expand Chromecast availability to other markets soon, and the Search giant has already updated its Chromecast app for Android with support for over 50 languages. Onward, forward.

Chromecast release date for UK, France and Germany revealed | BGR.