Bedtime Math 2: This Time It's Personal: Laura Overdeck, Jim Paillot: 9781250040961: Amazon.com: Books

In honor of my daughter’s impending 7th birthday I’m going to focus the next couple of books entries on great picks for kids. So what’s so special about this one? Well for one thing, I personally like bedtime stories and have an appreciation for how they’re crafted. Bedtime stories need to be engrossing and fun, but not something that’s going to rile a child up and be counterproductive to the task at hand: to get them to go the eff to sleep. But seriously, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a good evening with a child, reading a great book and bearing witness to a second wind. Children should look forward to them, but not dwell.

Speaking of looking forward to them, Laura Overdeck’s approach is that she wants “kids to feel about math the way they feel about dessert after dinner.” Well said! Her mission: to make math a fun part of kids’ everyday lives. We all know it’s wonderful to read bedtime stories to kids, but what about doing math? Many generations of Americans are uncomfortable with math and numbers, and too often we hear the phrase, “I’m just not good at math!” For decades, this attitude has trickled down from parents to their kids, and we now have a culture that finds math dry, intimidating, and just not cool. Bedtime Math wants to change all that.

This time, Bedtime Math 2 is getting personal and talking all about Y.O.U. Inside this book, families will find fun, mischief-making math problems to tackle—math that isn’t just kid-friendly, but actually kid-appealing. With over 100 math riddles on topics from missing socks and glitter to your favorite wild pet and how fast you can run, kids will find math isn’t just fun, it can be found in their everyday lives. And with three different levels of challenge (Wee ones, Little kids, and Big kids), plus a brand-new Bonus question, there’s something for everyone. We can make numbers fun, and change the world, one Bedtime Math puzzle at a time.

Grab your copy on Amazon for a whopping $10. Enjoy!

Bedtime Math 2: This Time It’s Personal: Laura Overdeck, Jim Paillot: 9781250040961: Amazon.com: Books.