A couple of weeks ago on the television show “Almost Human,” we witnessed someone in the near future printing themselves a cupcake. Oh if it could be true, right? Well it is! Oreo recently used the technology to print out cookies in a bunch of custom flavors, which were served to the attendees at the SXSW. A truly brilliant (and tasty) idea. To do this, Oreo used a “Trending Vending Machine” that uses social media to determine which flavors and color combinations to print!

The machine was created by technology design firm and innovation lab MAYA Design and all users need to do is select their cookie configuration from a touchscreen panel. Enter a flavor and color combination choice, then wait for the Trending Vending Machine to print out the customized cookie, pick it up and eat it. It is a a great concept and a cookie created by the masses. Who know what food we will be able to print next!

Oreo 3D uses Twitter to prints custom colored and flavored cookies.