Competition is good for everyone, but just how many options for the same kinds of service does one actually need? Whether you’ve jumped on the iTunes Radio bandwagon (or Google Play All Access for that matter), stuck with the smaller firms like Pandora, Slacker, Spotify or have kept things light with IHeartRadio there’s plenty of music services to choose from. Once upon a time Amazon was all about the books, but today there isn’t anything that comes to mind that I cannot find on the site. The fact that my Prime membership makes delivery and streaming pay for themselves is just icing on the cake.

The rumors of an Amazon Prime music streaming service continue to grow. The latest report out of the Wall Street Journal suggests that Amazon plans to introduce the service along with an increased rate Prime subscription, with the end goal being to get folks buying more music from its MP3 store. To take care of this Amazon will reportedly allow access to tracks and albums through the service for a limited time only. Amazon has been courting the record labels – according to Billboard – with a target of older music and smaller payments based on how often tracks are played.

The idea of an Amazon music service bundled with Prime isn’t too outrageous considering its current video offerings, but if this all pans out the execution is likely going to be different to competing products like Spotify, Google Play All Access and Pandora. It shouldn’t be too long of a wait though – they’ve already got the infrastructure in place so it’s just a question of closing deals.

Amazon Prime music service rumors continue to gather momentum | Android Central.