“When you don’t want it to be a smartwatch, it mostly looks and behaves like a regular watch.” Sounds simple enough, but the wearables fad has lost sight of what most people want in a watch when they’re not doing techy things with it – for it to look at act like a WATCH. ¬†Gabor Balogh has a great idea that he’s shared with Behance and the Verge. He wants to take regular watch designs and allow them to include all the techy features we’re looking for. To be sure, there’s no touchscreen or voice control. Rather, his concept relies on buttons and bezels found in most watches. The bezel is actually the key, but nothing need be physical either. This is a good start and needs to be taken all the way.

As much as a techno-junkie as I am, I’ll never retire my favorite watch (thanks Sweetie!) in favor of a piece of tech. Samsung, Apple and Google need to get this part straight from the beginning. The closest I would come would be to join the two. This idea is quite appealing to me. But regardless of what this designer has in mind, I want a real timepiece. My own concept would be to take a great watch and find to embed the processing power and sensors in and around the classic movement, while enabling the lens to not only protect the dial, but also display the quantified data, notifications and communications. Take my Cariter Santos for example: Sandwich in a processor and swap out the lens for a plain-switching glass or polymer. When in “classic mode” I’ve have the date and time as I do now. Touching the face, or simply pushing on the crown would activate the screen overly that would go dark like e-ink and display my heart rate, email or GPS location. When not in use, all you’d see is my Santos. That is my vision of the future of wearable technology, much like Balogh.

Have a look at the Verge article and the renders. Now think about the concept I’ve laid out that uses a traditional watch as the base. Something to think about!

This is the smartwatch Apple or Google needs to make | The Verge.