You want to stay competitive in the wearables and fitness band market, you’ve got to keep iterating and really use the feedback you get. If you’re jawbone, you failed miserably the first time. The second time around you did a little better. Then you acquired Bodymedia and (although you aborted the Core 2 to my dismay) you continued by iterating again with the UP24. You did NOT however, make it compatible with Android devices. This has had folks scratching their heads for some time.

The $149 bracelet has been around for a few months but shunned the world’s most popular operating system until today. It, like many devices, tracks your physical activity and sleep patterns, set alarms and reminders to get you to move, log your food and drink intake and get tips on how to improve your routine. All of this comes in one of the smaller, more comfortable form factors available. So yea, it went in the opposite direct as the Fitbit Force, but it’s not sending people to the dermatologist. The price puts it in the vicinity of most, but that iOS and direct computer connection has been a real pain in the ass, until now.


If you’ve got a Jawbone UP24, you can snag the new Android app

Jawbone UP24 now works with Android | Android Central.