There’s a woman in my office who–as part of her duties–has to create hundreds of USB keys at a time for various events, promotions, and meetings. Until recently she did so manually, by hand – as in ONE at a time. Over the course of a few months I grew weary of both the exercise itself as well as the perpetual whining. I had the office purchase her one of these bad-boys to provide her some relief. Too bad she left the software in the box and uses it as a giant USB hub and still moves the file manually. Sigh…

The Cruiser Mini Portable Flash Drive Duplicator is not much bigger – albeit thicker – than a professional-grade surge protector. Like any modern duplicator, the Cruiser Mini Portable has been outfitted with USB 3.0. This means it can theoretically copy files to 16 drives concurrently at a max (total) speed of 5GB/s. As a complete duplication solution, it’s software can verify, format, create and copy images to those drives from a single source. The included software eliminates guesswork by showing the status of each copy and number of copies completed. Add in support for Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs and this portable powerhouse looks very tempting.

The price tag for the latest iteration isn’t laughable – it’s $500. But if if you’re on a budget, you can get a slightly slower one for less than half of that on Amazon. Enjoy!

Aleratec Duplicator Copies 16 Drives at USB 3.0 Speed On the Go.