One of Samsung’s M.O.s is to hit the market with enough options in every product line to keep everyone happy. That’s a nice way of putting it anyway. The other would be called “gadget spam,” which means the same thing but with a decidedly more negative connotation. We’ve just been introduced to not one but three devices – The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. And there’s more?

Samsung’s more basic fitness bands have failed to get much attention. The electronics giant doesn’t seem to be giving up on this cheaper sort of wearable, because an unannounced model called the “S-Circle” has just cropped up at the FCC. The device’s model number (EI-AN900A) and description as an “activity tracker,” as well as its inclusion of Bluetooth Low-Energy all points to it being a member of the same family as the S Band (shown above) and Heart Rate Monitor Band that launched with the Galaxy S4 last year. There’s at least some chance that the S-Circle will combine these functions into a single low-cost device, transmitting both movement and heart rate data to Samsung’s S-Health app. And baby makes 4.

Samsung’s wearable blitz may not be over: here comes the ‘S-Circle’.