I wouldn’t put Newsweek at the top of my “reputables” list, and for good reason. Between faulty stories, biased reporting and sensationalism, they’ve rubbed me the wrong way on a number of occasions. Maybe you heard that they unearthed the mysterious founder of Bitcoin last week. I let the story go, and I feel vindicated for doing so, as news of a possible collapse due to all the hacking and theft as of late were far more important than an unsubstantiated story. Truth is, they got it wrong, again.

It all sounded plausible: Allegedly living an understated life, Nakamoto was no longer connected to the digital currency he’s implicated in making. A name change, classified government work, and strong denials added to the excitement. In truth it was untrue. He sat down with the Associated Press to vehemently deny everything and shortly thereafter the real guy posted on the P2P Foundation forum stating that HE is not the gentleman outed in California. Sad, and untrue.

Bitcoin’s elusive founder reportedly discovered living in California.