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If mindlessly enjoying your favorite audio is a goal of yours (as it seems to have been for Aether) then you’re in for a treat. With a striking design and the functionality to match this wireless speaker system features eight hours of battery life, and lets you play music by just touching the front (press it again to pause, or twist the grill to queue up a new song). It works with a host of music services, and adapts to your musical preferences the more you listen. If you want to listen to your own music, Cone also supports Airplay, so you can play through your Mac or iOS device.

So what’s the deal? Once set up, you just turn the dial to play something. Like it? Great, let it do it’s thing until you want to stop or hear something that you don’t. Tap the device to pause, push the center button to interact directly using voice commands or play something else with another twist of the dial. As is often the case with a new product with such a distinctive industrial design, it’s solely Apple-friendly at launch. Built in rechargeable battery, WiFi (dual-band) and high-end woofers/tweeters offer natural stereo sound.

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Aether | Home.