Banks Rush To Upgrade ATMs From Windows XP | Ubergizmo

For some reason I find this amusing. Never mind that no one has any business running an operating system as old as Windows XP. Sure older hardware has trouble with the more robust utilization of the new operating systems out there, but Windows 7 is hardly the hog! Come to think of it, Windows 8 is pretty lightweight in comparison…

Hackers could have a field day if most of the banks in the U.S. don’t upgrade their ATMs prior to April 8th. That’s the cutoff date that Microsoft has set for Windows XP, and after that, it is no longer going to provide support for this obsolete version.  No support means no new updates, and certainly no security patches or bug fixes. End of support will not only leave consumer PCs out in the open, it will also make ATMs vulnerable, unless banks step up and upgrade them as soon as possible.

Its not like only a small percentage ATMs in the country need to be upgraded. It is estimated that over 95 percent of all ATMs in the country are powered by Windows XP, roughly 200,000, so you can imagine the scale at which any potential attack can be launched after XP reaches its cutoff date. Since they’re the responsibility of the banks, they must get it done before April 8th.

April 8th is Just over a month away!

Banks Rush To Upgrade ATMs From Windows XP | Ubergizmo.