Meet Cortana, Microsoft's Siri And Google Now Competitor | Redmond Pie

Cortana is out to compete directly with Apple’s Siri for iOS and Google Now for Android. So what’s the benefit of adding integrated voice assistance NOW? You don’t have to make so many of your own mistakes. By assessing what works and what doesn’t, which Microsoft can do simply by looking at iOS and Android, the Redmond giant can get its mobile software up to scratch far quicker than it has taken both Apple and Google.

With regards to Cortana, it’s going to take some of the popular features of both Siri and Google Now, offering a well-rounded, ‘best of’ voice assistant based loosely on the Cortana voice assistant character from the Halo series. It will NOT be getting her “face” though. The main interface consists of a circular, orb-like graphic that animates when processing information, and much like Apple’s Siri, will have its very own brand of humor and cynicism that some people like. It will be integrated with FourSquare and Bing to provide location and context along with a notebook feature for capturing snippets and thoughts.

Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri And Google Now Competitor | Redmond Pie.