Let’s get something straight. I don’t like this Swedish car. Not the way it looks, not how much it costs or even a majority of the elements it employs in design and speed. It’s a cartoon design and looks like it’s not meant for the street. Considering it’s built like a track car and will only see 6 completed models, I don’t even categorize it as production. But alas, they’re making a claim and one that’s pretty timely considering last weeks post concerning the Hennessey Venom and Bugatti Veyron SS. This car claims it is a contender for the world’s fastest car, so I’m listening.

With a state-of-the-art turbocharged V8 engine, it’s allegedly capable of producing 1,360 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque across an incredibly flat curve. Built as a race car that can be comfortably driven on the street (it will run a regular fuel or bio-fuel!), it has a wealth of tech taken straight from the track world: like an almost completely carbon fiber construction, adaptive aerodynamics, and a top-mounted wing. And since it claims to be able to reach 280 miles-per-hour it gets a space on the shelf that is the auto section here on CQSIG.

Have a look at the specs on the website to see what $2,000,000 buys you

Koenigsegg One:1 | MegaCar