Ah yes, my next phone materializes before my eyes. Fitting that it sits next to it’s older brother. A sleeker, more metal, more powerful iteration of my current phone, seemingly addressing some the issues users like me have (albeit very few) with the current HTC One (m7).

Why am I so excited? Well for starters I love my phone, so an upgrade makes it even better. Second, I love metal, so when I hear you’re using more I get very excited. Additionally, one of my biggest complaints – lack of SD expansion, has been addressed with a card slot (yay!) An even bigger display in this case is a good thing, as the current version is just a hair too small, and on-screen buttons means more to work with. I just wish our mystery man would have shown us what the second camera has in store for us. We can already expect more RAM, faster processor, a new version of Sense (not that I care, really) and an enough tougher industrial design. You have my attention HTC. Let’s just hope Sony doesn’t pull a fast one on you in the US this year.

HTC One 2014 Hands-on Video released ahead of launch | BGR.