It was easy enough for this post to catch my eye.”Hey, there’s my phone, and oh yea, I love that app as well!” The HTC One continues to be my daily driver (until its successor is official, anyway) and as someone who blogs, and is in to social media and Android, I can tell you that nothing makes life easier than a nice short URL instead of one that has a sub-domain, sub-folders and commands!

Google’s long had an excellent option for shortening URLs — goo.gl. Now it has a slick Android app to go along with it. Thomas Devaux rolled out the aptly named “Google URL Shortener” this morning that’s as easy to use as it is functional. The app syncs into your Google account, so you have access to any short URLs you’ve previously created (and you can get analytics on other goo.gl URLs as well). Short URLs can be starred for easy access — and creating new short URLs is as simple as pasting the full resource into the app. Copy, paste, share and enjoy!

Google’s URL shortener gets a slick new Android app | Android Central.