So that shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 that’s not even in your hands yet. It’s got something different on it’s boot screen – a “Powered by Android” splash. No most people would point to how close Google and Samsung have gotten and speculate on the amount of joint development they’ll do together. It’s great branding and a strong partnership. It’s pretty obvious what the intention was here of course…

…But maybe, just maybe something else is in play here. (Sorry LCK, had to borrow your line) We’ve heard a heck of a lot of speculation about a couple of things lately. First, The S5 like it’s predecessors will come in a number of flavors. We’ve been introduced to the first. The second is the amount of work that Samsung has done on Tizen – the alternative mobile OS. Here’s my two cents: while the splash is indeed good branding and a positive differentiation, it could also point to variants of the S5 that will be running Tizen instead. What do you think about that?

Your Galaxy S5 wants you to know it’s powered by Android | Android Central.