Netflix Pays Comcast for Bandwidth

You might think this would be a win for consumers. You’re getting better service out of Netflix because your provider (in this case Comcast) has made a deal with them. Netflix has reached a paid agreement with Comcast to allow their Comcast users better streaming speeds than they’ve experienced in the past. The details of the deal haven’t been released just yet, but the multi-year agreement will see “Comcast connecting to Netflix servers inside third-party data centers.” Apparently many internet-based companies have shelled-out to ISPs for better connections in the past.

All that being said, a byte is a byte. Isn’t that what Net Neutrality is all about? Not so if you now have to pay to get certain kinds of data anything better than the bare minimum. How many other carriers will now force Netflix to pay? The answer is all of them. Will this lower YOUR rates? Probably not.

Netflix Pays Comcast for Bandwidth.