Hennessey Venom hits record 270.49mph - BBC Top Gear

You may know Hennessey as a tuner of high end cars, but they also have their own ride. And what a ride it has turned out to be!

I know at least one person that’s going to be a just a little disappointed, but the Bugatti Veryron SS can no longer firmly say it’s the world’s fastest production supercar. Test pilot Brian Smith spent Valentine’s day giving America’s 1,244 horsepower 7.0 liter twin turbo v8 Hennessey Venom GT a run at the Kennedy Space Center, where it hit the highest speed ever reported: 270.49 mph!

Forget for a second that the car is capable of reaching incredible speed. Just think about the acceleration! It took only 7.71 seconds to get to 120! After that just another ten seconds to hit 220. It did so pulling 1.2g of longitudinal acceleration is that straightaway! To be sure, the constraints of the runway at Kennedy limited how fast and far the Venom could go. the Company and driver were pretty sure that 275-280 weren’t out of the question.

Despite the inevitable comparisons,  John Hennessey doesn’t see the Venom GT as a Bugatti Veyron competitor. “They’re completely different cars,” he says. “We aim not just to be the most powerful, but also the lightest. That thing [the Veyron] is a Bentley GT, a comfortable car. Since the inception of the Venom GT, it’s been a dream of ours to build the fastest car. There are lots of different definitions, different metrics, but for us, when people talk about being the fastest, it’s about being the absolute fastest. So it was a good day. We achieved the goal. No other road car has broken 270mph.”

Hennessey Venom hits record 270.49mph – BBC Top Gear.