For many, having an SD expansion port on your phone or device is important. Now that most phones can support large storage volumes, the only thing understandably holding us back was the amount of storage you could cram into a tiny little card!

SanDisk has unveiled it’s new 128GB Ultra microSD card. On sale today for your favorite microSDXC-enabled phone or tablet, the card offers twice the storage of current cards, making it the largest-capacity microSD card on the market. Doubling up the storage space wasn’t easy, in fact SanDisk used custom manufacturing to stack 16 memory dies — each thinner than a human hair — within each card. It’s an impressive engineering feat that every movie-watching, photo-taking, ROM download, storage toting mobile user can appreciate. The $200 price tag? Not so much…

SanDisk’s 128GB microSD card holds 24 hours of HD video.