It seemed like everyone and their brother featured the release of the new McLaren 650S, based on the MP4-12C. When things get over-hyped, I tend to shy away from them until the dust settles and I have the opportunity to get some real information myself. I’ve done a little reading on the latest incarnation and must admit that on paper, this peppy little luxury supercar looks insane. The photo gallery isn’t hurting my eyes either!

I stress the word luxury because it’s not falling short of some fine creature comforts along with the specifications to put it in the appropriate class. It also claims to avoid some other common pitfalls including sacrifices made to ride quality for speed, boost over cabin environment and comfort given the barest of curb weights. No ladies and gentleman, McLaren will have none of that.

Let’s break it down on paper, and then feel free to browse the gallery and do a quick search for some reviews and video. With a top speed of 207mph (0-62 in 3 flat) owing to it’s 641hp twin-turbo v8 engine, the rider is treated to maneuverability and comfort thanks to ProActive Chassis Control, carbon brakes plus an “Airbrake” system, drag reduction systems, dihedral doors and an interior lined with carbon fiber and luxurious Alcantara leather. Electronically adjustable steering, rear-view camera, satellite radio, and host of other standard features like AC and Corsa System Pirelli tires are along for the ride. Well?

McLaren 650S.