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You’re looking at this thing and it’s probably evoking a number of emotions all at once. The design “feels” familiar, the name–although well-know–is not synonymous with moto. There’s also the visceral reaction: the thing looks like it’s going 200mph standing still. It also looks like it has enough carbon fiber to wrap a car. And with an engine that could easily power one sitting in a tiny frame, this thing is ridiculous in so many ways.

Lotus is know for it’s compact luxury cars. Take a couple of wheels off and you’re pretty much already here. Daniel Simon of Bugatti sure knows his luxury. He also designed the rides used in the Tron: Legacy flick, so that might be why it’s so familiar looking. That 2-cylinder, 4-stroke 1,195cc engine puts out 200 horses in a ride less than quarter of the weight of an average sports car. You do the math!

Official website of LOTUS MOTORCYCLES | C-01 | powered by motioncompany.