HTC is another organization that’s going to wait until after MWC to announce something big – when they spoke earlier today they mentioned March 25th. We’ve seen the all new HTC One (m8) in leaks and have gotten plenty of specs, but all in due time. Today was more about the low- and mid-range market, but also about an initiative they’re taking. It’s a project we can all get on board with and I’m endorsing it as a proud HTC One owner:

Smartphones have so much processing power  – perhaps more than necessary. HTC thinks we can combine them all to do some meaningful number crunching à la SETI@home and Folding@home. Curing diseases (AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more) as well as searching for alien life seem like noble causes. As such, the mobile company has teamed up with UC Berkeley’s Dr. David Anderson, co-creator of SETI@home, for the HTC “Power To Give” initiative. To take part, you simply grab the app from Google Play, install it, and it’ll run in the background when your phone’s being charged up plus connected to WiFi. No, you won’t be sacrificing your phone for this.

HTC claims that the combined power of one million Ones is almost just as good as a one-petaflop supercomputer, so the more the merrier — including those from other brands. But for now, HTC will first offer its app’s beta release to the HTC One family and the Butterfly series, and it’ll gradually add more compatible Android devices over the next six months. Bring ’em all on. Just don’t get any ideas about using that processing power for anything else, Batman.

HTC wants to combine all your Android phones to cure diseases (video).