Being a journalist and fashion editor certainly sound like pre-reqs for starting your own label, so Rich Evans seems to have been prepared to start the Brixton-based Rich London PR agency in 2009. Having a strong connection with the things he carries, most of Rich’s items have certainly stood the test of time with a few mentions going out to his Clarks Wallabee shoes, Homini Emerito Loafers along with his Vision Street Wear Hi-tops and his trusty 8-year old Altamont shirt which gives me an eye-ache.

A few choice picks from his eyewear collection include a pair of Persol folding sunglasses and his London Retro glasses he wears to correct his vision while other personal accessories include a bevvy of watches and hats. In between bouts of golf, taking photos (with the pictured FujiFilm X100s) and dousing his food with Encona hot sauce (who doesn’t?), he likes to kick back with his kids and watch Auction Hunters on his 50-inch Toshiba (L7355) SMART LED TV.

Well, enjoy!

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