A company has developed a high-tech pistol it says can help curb gun violence by allowing only its owner pull the trigger.

The slick Smart System gun from Armatix looks like something James Bond might carry and uses watch that transmits an identifying radio frequency that prevents everyone but its wearer from firing. The gun is one of several competing for a $1 million prize from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, a group started by tech investors in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 26 were killed in 2012.

According to the company website, the gun deactivates itself as soon as its out of range of the watch such as when its been stolen by an intruder or knocked out of its owner’s hand. Hopefully the workaround isn’t just stealing the watch too..

‘Technology has been proven to solve today’s greatest social challenges, and curbing gun violence in this country is one of the greatest challenges we face,’ billionaire tech investor Ron Conway told CNN. Conway, who’s pumped millions in companies like Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed and more, is one of the investors behind Smart Tech Challenges Foundation.

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