After 18 months, Windows 8 can now boast 200 million licenses sold. Think about the ramifications of that! It took 6 months to reach 100 million and then another year to sell another 100 million more. In contrast to Windows 7, which sold 240 million licenses in it’s first year alone, this number is telling for both the franchise/OS and the PC industry at large.

With a heavy focus on tablets, laptop and desktop users everywhere felt disconnected and frustrated, often modifying the OS with products like Start8 or simply downgrading back to Windows 7. With Microsoft under new executive leadership and working hard to make Windows a one-stop-shop for all devices, here’s to hoping Microsoft embraces it’s legacy users and doesn’t just issue updates to appease them. The tablet market may be growing, but it’s a consumption industry. There are plenty of “producers” out there that need the right environment. I would hate to think of all of them jumping to Linux or OSX instead, even if I find no fault in either. It’s the principal of leaving because MS utterly failed its own users that bothers me.

Windows 8 Passes The 200 Million Licenses Sold Milestone | Redmond Pie.